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The truth is no matter how successful, how pretty, how (fill in the blank) you are, the past and conditioned thinking, beliefs, and fears have a way of showing up and often sabotaging the beautiful dreams you are capable of achieving. 

You were told you were "Too much, too loud, too quiet, too sensitive" ...all the TOOs have left you feeling full of self-doubt and fear to step take the next step toward your dream. Your focus goes from one idea to the next deeply desiring to gain the approval of other women, partners, family, and friends. You lack of clarity, fortitude, and confidence step into your truly entrepreneurial dreams or career despite your obvious gifts and talents. 

Instead of on FIRE for your dreams, you are burnt out!

Dream with me...

What if you were surrounded by women who lifted you up, supported your next moves, and even collaborated with you using their own business and skill sets to elevate your business? 

What of you had a coach who gave you the practical steps to overcome mindset blocks, limiting beliefs, disempowering thoughts, the "not enoughness" and step into your true protentional?

What if you finally healed your heart from the childhood wounds, toxic relationship patterns, unworthiness, guilt, shame, and fear of being your authentic self?

What if instead you became a fierce Woman On Fire ready to boldly face her fears and step into her greatness?

What if the success, growth, financial freedom, unshakable worth, unstoppable version of you is waiting on the other side of healing your inner belief about yourself?

Who is Woman on Fire for?

The woman ready to break free from the cold loneliness of "not enough" and start letting her fire, dreams, vision, business, and passion illuminate the world like she was meant for. 

The woman ready to burn so bright, so hot, so intense that nothing around her can put out the fire inside her

The woman who becomes the fire making her an untouchables & unstoppable wildfire of passion and confidence.

The woman respected as a leader who embodies the fierceness & beauty a Woman On Fire.


6 Week Accelerator ...

 Fire Affirmations Download
Private Fire Facebook group ~ a community professional women, mentors and coaches. 

 Weekly "coffee talk" and think tanks to support, collaborate, and elevate your business.
 Weekly group coaching with Shelea including alternating hot seats to accelerate your results!
 Expert guest specializing in business & health to address mind, body, and spirit. 
 Exclusive invite to the Fire Retreat held on the beautiful beaches of Amelia Island.
 Want to add private coaching? Ask me about Voxer support...like having a coach in your pocket.

Fire Mastermind 



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 60 minute private coaching call.
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frequently asked questions

When do we start?

August 31rst. I know we have some FIRE mamas in the group so I want to start when the kids are in school & you can fully focus. Details will be provided in the WOF Facebook group. 

What if I can't make the live calls?

No worries! It happens. Live replays will be hosted in the facebook group although I encourge you to attend LIVE and request to be in the Hot Seat to get specific questions answered.

When can I use my 1:1 call?

I love these calls! 1:1 coaching is dang near magical. You can book you free call anytime. You will receive a private link in your email  access to
available times on my calendar. 

What if I need private support?

The Pay in Full bonus is 2 months of support through Voxer which allows you to voice message or text me privately. An option to purchase Voxer Support separately is also available.