pain to purpose 

the only course you'll ever need to walk you through healing and into your new life.

Online Course

Hi friend, chances are if you're reading this right now you've been through hell and back with a narcissist or  emotional abuser... still questioning in this very moment if it was your fault. Still confused about what happened to you and holding on to the shame of letting it happen. Books, counseling, Instagram pages, Facebook groups, family, and friends have not been able to help you move forward. You feel stuck in the prison of your own thoughts and feelings.


Everyday you wake up with horrible thoughts about the abuse running through your head like a bad movie reel on repeat and you just want it to stop. You know there has to be another way to move forward and finally heal. To FINALLY know who you are and love life with confidence and clarity. Happiness... no guilt or shame required.

The strong, limitless, powerful, confident, happy, and real version of you is dying to get out and live life again. To find purpose, know who you are and confidently stand on any decision you make. Does that sound like you? 

You're in the right place!

Working at a Cafe

I know it feels like you'll never find happiness again but as someone who's been there and is now on the other side: here's what I know is possible for you! 

* Clarity

* Confidence

* Freedom

* Peace

* Happiness

* Self-love

* Worthiness

* Laughter 

*Amazing relationships

* Endless possibilities with jobs, where you live, money...

The world is YOURS once you break the chains of what's been holding you back from your highest self. 

Happy Friends

Members Only 

Imagine a group, a family, a community of people just like you. Feel Supported, loved, heard and understood. Every member of this group is in or has completed the Pain to Purpose coaching program or online course. 

They will speak your healing language learned in the course and support you on this journey. 

You will have lifetime access to this group. Ask me anything in the group…yep forever! I go live, hold free trainings, and give you members only access to upcoming events.  

Live Coaching

You will have live coaching and support within the members only group. Lifetime access to coach and expert Shelea Daily.


You do not have to walk this journey alone. Let the Shelea guide and help you along the way with other members of the Pain to Purpose family. Together we create support, community, and empower each other through awareness and education. 


You have a friend, mentor, coach, and support in Shelea. 

This is your life. It's time to start living it!


Payment Options 

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Extended Payment Plan



Bonuses with pay in full (most popular choice)

 Pain to Purpose Project Course Access ($3,000 Value)

 Boundary Building Blocks ($100 value)

 Affirmations & Journal Prompts ($50 value)

 Swap Your Habits Guide ($50 value)

 Yearly Group Membership ($200 value)

 VALUE $5,000